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C-Arm.com is your primary source for any C-Arm needs. We have a wide range of capabilities that includes sales, service, parts and repairs. We stay prepared and readily available to assist our customers. Our goal is to provide you the tools that will keep your business running strong.

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Our Services


C-Arm.com is the only company that specializes exclusively in C-Arms. We supply refurbished/re-manufactured C-Arms to our customers in the U.S. and across the world. With the experience we have built over the years, we are able provide you with a re-manufactured system that exceeds all your expectations.


C-Arm.com provides an array of services such as PMs, refurbishment/re-manufacture, financing, in-service & training, inspections, etc. to all doctors, dealers, healthcare systems, surgery centers and athletic teams across the world.


Our team provides 24 to 48-hour on-site service across the U.S. and offer service on units throughout the world.


C-Arm.com has a network of trained engineers strategically placed that allows us to provide a variety of service/warranty contracts on all C-Arms.

C-Arm.com has been providing service on our OrthoScan Mini C-Arm units for several years now. This company has demonstrated sound technical knowledge of units and are very responsive to our needs and requests. When a service call is performed whether planned or unplanned, they complete the job efficiently and correctly the first time. I have recommended to our quality council that we continue our relationship with C-Arm.com.
– Louis, Clinical Director