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Re-manufacturing offers full and extensive re-manufacturing. Our in-house re-manufacturing process includes cleaning, sanding, and painting, replacing worn parts, electrical overhaul, console cleaning, and final OEM specification evaluation.

If your C-Arm is down and in need of a part replacement, we have all parts on stock for sale. We offer overnight shipping with limited wait time, to ensure your needs are being filled as soon as possible.

Preventive Maintenance is there to make sure your unit meets all OEM specifications and is in compliance with state and federal regulations. We do this by testing every machine to ensure all aspects are meeting the requirements set forth by the OEM.

If you’re in the market to buy a Large or Mini C-Arm but need to make sure it is in working condition, we can provide you with an inspection. This involves our team checking and testing the C-Arm that you’re looking to buy on site. We will make sure it functions properly and is in good condition before you make a purchase.

In-Service & Training

After you complete your C-Arm purchase, we offer in-service and training. We want to guarantee that our machines are working to its full potential, but this also means they need to be used properly. Our tech will be on-site to train your staff on how to operate a Large or Mini C-Arm properly.


The C-Arm is shipped to your facility wrapped, packaged, and strapped down for safety. Upon arrival a certified technician will de-crate your unit, put it together, and set it up. The tech will even input any settings you would like and hook it up to your network all while our team works around you and your facilities schedule.

Service & Repairs has certified technicians strategically placed throughout the United States to offer the greatest up-times for your C-Arms. We can lower maintenance costs, decrease unplanned downtime, support regulatory compliance, and maximize returns on all your assets. We offer 24 to 48-hour on-site service for all our customers and stock parts to make sure you and your organization can have the C-Arm up and running ASAP because we know time is money.

Financing has programs for the established practice as well as new physician programs for those just getting started. We have 100% financing available with terms ranging from 12 to 66 months and offer deferred options ($100 per month payments for 3 to 6 months) with all of the soft costs (taxes, training, shipping, etc.) to be included in the one monthly payment.

Upkeep of Equipment

We can guarantee that you can count on us for maintenance of your equipment for the life of your unit. We offer yearly and bi-yearly preventative maintenance plans, and 24 to 48-hour response time from our certified technicians throughout the country. The knowledge and experience from our team will put your mind at ease knowing we have your back.