christopher bacon

Christopher Bacon


Christopher Bacon serves as president of Mr. Bacon has 30 years of electrical and mechanical engineering design experience in the military, aerospace and medical imaging fields.

Known to be highly productive and a self-motivating person, Mr. Bacon is the technical founder of Orthoscan, Inc. Mr. Bacon was instrumental in the startup in first round financing, designed, developed, and brought the x-ray tube head to production that is used in every Orthoscan Mini C-Arm presently on the market, except the latest version. It is the most reliable sub assembly on the system. Mr. Bacon was also involved with B round funding of Orthoscan, Inc. which ultimately contributed to the company shipping product. After that development Mr. Bacon became Orthoscan’s first field service engineer and did this for 10 years in the Eastern US.

Prior to Orthoscan, Mr. Bacon, an Electrical Engineer, was in the Military/Aerospace field and has designs on most Boeing Aircrafts 717,727,737,747, NASA Space Shuttle missions, military battleships, missiles, radar systems and other classified equipment.

Mr. Bacon has been the president of GLIWAC, the home of the New York Rolling Fury wheelchair basketball club for the past 6 years. He also services as the head of coaching for the club. The New York Rolling Fury is a basketball club for children with physical disabilities that competes in the NWBA Eastern Conference; it’s a gateway for these children towards college scholarships.